Friday, May 15, 2009

"High Noon"

is the name of this variety of tree peony that is growing in my back yard. It is a delight to the eye, and it smells good too. A couple of unpromising looking twigs when I planted it several years ago in December, this spring it had sixteen blossoms and is finally large enough to fill the space I planned for it. Now I can put ferns and hosta under it, and the nice little plant community I originally envisioned will be real at last.

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Monday, May 4, 2009

Spin, crash, and burn

Third year in Charleston, WV, where I began my tourney career. Good to see the "old familiars" and meet some new folks. Took as many opportunities as I could find to talk up the approaching Pittsburgh event.

Saturday: 7-1 and leading the division after eight games. Played pretty well with adequate (but not stellar) racks. Probably donated the last game to my opponent out of fatigue. Felt like I'd been digging ditches all day when the games were over.

Sunday: 0-4 to finish out of the money. No awful losses, just a combination of cranky racks, foggy (sleep deprived) brain, and the kind of drawing that hands you the Q, the last S, and the last blank as your last draw from the bag with nowhere on the board to do much with them.

Back to studying and practice, but I'll be wearing my director's hat for the next event and sharing other folks highs and lows vicariously.