Monday, August 31, 2009


Zyzzyva defines it as "to be overwhelmed by an emotion."

I would suggest it means being overwhelmed by the tile gods.

Yeah, Dayton was like that. My opponents were laying down bingos like PLOTZED and ANOREXIA, and I was looking at racks like AIEUUUV and AAIIUUY.

Oh, I had some good games, and made some nice finds. Managed to play 31 straight games over 300 in spite of some astonishingly bad racks, and snatch a tie out of the jaws of defeat.

But I'm still wondering why the tiles gods decided to deliver one of those streaks of clunky tiles at Nationals?

Ah well, the company was good.


  1. That's a shame. I don't know why the tiles can be so unfair. But I'm glad you got to hang out with other Scrabble peeps. I hope to catch the next one. Missed you.

  2. Indeed, it was! Always good to be at tourney with friends like you, Terry. Am off to Atlanta Friday ... might try to drive on down to Callaway Gardens, have never been there ... and back in time for Huntington. See you there!

    Wish you would join us on Facebook. Have been playing Scrabble there with Martha and enjoying it immensely ... it's like postcard chess, you play as you have time and a message gets sent to your opponent.