Thursday, February 5, 2009

It was a cold and snowy night

.... but the roads were clear so I loaded the equipment into the car and drove out to Borders to run the Wednesday meeting of the Scrabble club. The weather being what it was, I expected a fairly low turnout. (Though there are some hard core Scrabblers here, three folks who missed the cancellation notice several weeks ago showed up to play in weather much worse than last night's.)

The first person I saw was a club player who has been working out of town and hadn't played here in over a year. Then a husband and wife who haven't been to the club in months showed up.

Then a couple of our die hard regulars ....

Then a new player ....

Then some more of the regulars!

There was actually one guy who showed up around 9 PM and played one game. (That is a serious Scrabble jones.)

At that point we were scrambling for available tables and snagging chairs wherever they could be found, and I was wondering if I had enough results slips to go around. (The computer with Zyzzyva ended up on a chair, all the tables were in use for games.)

Attendance for the night: 17 players. The highest since we started playing at Borders, and close to a club high.

And, of course, Brendan was back to his winning ways and ran me down like a truck again. Peh.

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