Sunday, February 1, 2009

Wish I played scrabble like that more often

The Steeler Nation is out in the streets tonight, waving the Terrible Towels (and assorted items of clothing.) Like Tomlin said, "Steeler football is sixty minutes."

The celebration will probably last most of the night. The main street in my urban neighborhood is closed to vehicular traffic and packed with humanity. I would not much like to be a police horse in the middle of a Steeler riot.

Scrabble is twenty five minutes, all twenty five minutes, every game.


  1. Scrabble in our household is (twenty five minutes) plus (the time it takes to get Andrew his cough medicine) plus (answering the phone twice) plus (telling Andrew to get back in bed three times).

  2. After the first time I ever played Katya, I ran into Noah and told him I had realized why he played so fast. Noah said they had to play fast at home or else the roast would burn.