Monday, March 16, 2009

Awful .... and not

Elyria's Purple and Green

Lost all the rating points earned in the last six months, and at least two games from inattention or just plain stupidity.

But ....

Had the chance to visit with friends I only see at tourneys, learned some new words, and got away with a couple of pretty outrageous (and unintentional) phonies.

Ah well, the tiles will turn, I will learn not to shoot myself in the foot quite so often, and it will always be a pleasure to see my favorite Scrabble junkies again no matter how the games turn out.

And one more saving grace, it has knocked me out of the top division at the Richfield, OH tourney where I would have played a large selection of the "run me down like a truck" folks. Now in a division that is friendlier territory.


  1. We thoroughly enjoyed our time spent with you too! And yes, the tiles will turn. Perhaps enough so that I can move up to your league. (I do want to match up with you in a tourney again, but not in the bottom division.)

  2. It will be fun to play you again no matter what the division :)