Tuesday, March 3, 2009

C is for "Continuing the Meme"

My blogging (and Scrabble) friend Deadpan Alley had an interesting post on her blog the other day that ended with an invitation to her readers to continue the meme. I took her up on the invitation and asked for a letter. Which brings us to:

10 Things I Like That Begin With "C"

1. Cats. Most animals, really, though I'm not a fan of cockroaches. I have seven felines in the household (down from a high of nine), and they keep life interesting with their various personalities. I don't own a television, but with the cats I don't need one. Continuous entertainment, no reruns.

2. Compound words. The top three "words I want to play in a Scrabble game sometime" are all compound words. "Bespoke" and "tantivy" are bingoes on their own, but being able to play "mocking" in front of "bird" would make my day no matter what the outcome of the game.

3. Curry. Though I don't like food that makes me sweat, a little bit of curry improves all sorts of dishes. Curry mayo for artichokes, tuna salad with curry, egg salad with curry, curried fruit. Yum.

4. Cardinals. The kind that fly, not some sports team. Seeing that gorgeous shade of red against a background of snow in January or February always makes me believe there is life after winter.

5. Charley Harper. An artist who had a unique and (mostly) humorous view of the world, and once you have seen his work you will always recognize it. The limited edition Harper serigraphs I have are a constant delight. And I'm currently in the midst of a conversation with Scrabble Crush about the design of a custom "Harper" Scrabble board to delight my eyes some more.

6. Chrysler products with cruise control. My first car was a Plymouth, my second car was a Plymouth, and my last seven cars have all been some form of Chrysler product (and all seven of those have had cruise control.) I really really hope Chrysler stays in business. Having bought my last six cars from the same guy, I don't want to break in another car salesman at this stage of my life.

7. Competition. When my son was younger, we played pick up sports every Wednesday night at the "open gym" held by the local rehab center. Basketball, whiffle ball, volleyball, floor hockey, and (my favorite) murderball. The best part was that those large-hearted athletes let me sit in a wheelchair for a few hours and play right along with them. "Flat out and guts on the floor" was the order of the evening and a wonderful method of stress reduction. These days I spend my Wednesday evenings playing Scrabble. Though it is certainly less physical, it satisfies my competition jones quite nicely.

8. Classical music. Bach organ toccatas and fugues, Scarlatti harpsichord sonatas, Van Cliburn playing Rachmaninoff, Yo-Yo Ma playing almost anything, "Perpetual Motion" by Bela Fleck .... bring it on. I enjoy most kinds of music, though heavy metal and the majority of country western leave me pretty cold.

9. Comic relief. Chuckle, chortle, giggle, snort, guffaw, laugh till you cry, or ROFLMAO, I always enjoy a good laugh. It lightens my spirit and (I'm quite sure) lowers my blood pressure.

10. Car Talk. See #9 above. These guys are not doing their job if I don't laugh out loud at least once on Saturday morning. I will never forget them talking about someone in LA driving an SUV with a "rhino pack." I must admit, however, that my second favorite piece of car terminology, "giggle truck," came not from the car guys, but from my sister.

And one for the road ....

11. Courtesy. It's so easy, takes so little time, and provides lots of "graphite" to keep the social wheels turning. Nobody loses. Enough said.

You are Cordially invited to Carry On "Continuing The Meme."

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